About Me


Why work with me?

  • Unlike some ‘experts’ in the industry, I actually understand that improving your health and fitness shouldn’t take away from your life, it should add to it.
  • I am a Certified SMPT - I completed an Internship before starting my career as a Coach. For me SMPT was a garden of knowledge, and this is perhaps the most important factor from the internship. I was able to work and train alongside leading coaches within the area of Strength and body composition. With my own learning that I do, I firmly believe that I have a unique knowledge as a result of this! This has allowed me to easily Transform peoples physiques using only proven, SMPT Principles.
  • Trained and Worked alongside the UK’s Best - I have first hand experience and knowledge that I picked up from working alongside the 2015 NFA UK No. 1 Personal trainer Scott McGarry and one of Northern Irelands best Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Peter Thompson.

What you will get from me?

  • Life-changing results
  • A wealth of knowledge, combing the latest and most up-to-date nutrition and training techniques to teach and show you the best way to change your body.
  • 1-to-1 client support to help you with every step you have on your journey.
  • A individual approach to every client, I aim to work around your lifestyle, creating a program thats suited to your schedule and a diet which fits your body to make you feel happier, more awake and stronger.

Stop waiting and GET BETTER today!